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----- 03.28.05 My first game - Tabloid Tycoon - is now available for pre-order on amazon.com. It's a tycoon style PC game where you get to create your own tabloid company and create dirt rags packed full of crazy stories about celebrities and UFO sightings and other dirt. You can create custom stories and import your own graphics. You hire reporters and photo graphers and outfit them with expensive gagets to ensure they get the juciest details for the story.  It retails for $19.99 and will ship April 24th.
I served as a 3D modeler as well as a 2d artist on this project which took about 4 months to complete. By late April I will be able to disclose details on  my next game which is for the Gameboy Advance/DS. I'm the lead artist on that project and it will be finished mid june. 03.23.05
In an effort to push myself I have joined again. Read up on it and join yourself. It will be good for you. 02.16.05 After a long an gruling first quarter we have gotten to the release candidate for our first title. 02.05.05 I have baan assigned to the Lead Artist position in our second title. This one for the Gameboy Advance system. 01.15.05 I want one. 01.01.05 For the love of all good and holy, I have run upon more roadblocks in getting up the next version fo the raithoshow. I have the layout finalized and the first page done. Time is scarce. 12.05.04 I've finally gotten RSII (raitheoshow 2) on the move. I have the main interface laid out and the opening animations are in place as is the preloader code. Content is coming. Should be up by the end of the week. Hope it will be worth the wait. 12.01.04 I have been building a large collection of concept sketches in my spare time. These will be posted over the holiday. Expect a large amount of content to be added both the concept page and the 3D page. This sudden burst of drawing is thanks to Gary, our newest artist at work. 10.29.04 I apologize for not posting in such a long time. Lots has been going on. Moved into a new place and bought a new car. 'Cept my steering wheel is on the right side of course. 10.01.04 I added a photo set I shot while in New York City. These were modified with some digital effects, for a cool etched look.

Some of my Lightwave tutorials have been linked up. It's an honor to spread some CG knowledge to others. 9.22.04 One of my sites, www.projectovercome.com has been recieving some positve attention. The site recieved a gold artsy award last week and a gold award from worlwideweb awards this week. While the competition for these awards is not serious they have added a little boost in traffic to the site. 9.20.04 I was given notice that Overcome is among the titles to be screened at the 2005 Beijing Film Academy Film Festival. 9.16.04 I finally got another digital camera after the last one I had took a spill and never got up. In fact, I'm not even sure when, or where it fell.

I hope to have a new version of the Raitheoshow up within 1 month. I spent my re- design time on another project. This site was a redesign of an award winning site I did last September. I will show you an idea I had - inspired by Mecano. The site would change with the seasons. Well, here was the beginning of summer.
9.13.04 www.ProjectOvercome.com wins a gold. The Artsy Gold Award was given for excellence in several different areas of web design and development.
8.06.04 I began my job today. My main duties are environment modeling and texture painting. I also do some interface design and some concept work. I model in Maya and paint in Photoshop. More details on game release dates as time allows.

8.01.04 Finished my duties as Media Manager for the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. I also completed teaching my first class on concept design - a class offered during the Academy. 6.30.04 Gearing up for MFAA 2004. I highly recommend the AXIM X5 as moderate level PDA. It is expandable lightweight and definitely valuable when you have a packed day. The new model is called the X30. 5.14.04 Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Arts from Southwest Missouri State University. Yeeha!

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   Overcome | Art Director, 3D Modeler, Texture Artist
2nd Place - BEA AWARDS 2005 Finalist - ZOOMIN AWARDS 2005 Showcase- Beijing Film Academy Film and Video Festival 2005 Winner - Best animation, CINEMERGE Film and Video Festival Showcase - CINEMA ST. LOUIS Showcase - SMSU Art Animation Manifesto
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Editor, Sound Designer, Effects Showcase - New York Independant Film and Video Festival Showcase - Warsaw Jewish Film Festival + Web -=new=-
Missouri Epsilon - 2nd Place Phi Delta Theta International Competition Overcome - 1st place BEA AWARDS 2005 - MEdia DVD/CD-ROM
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